How do I download all my blogger posts?

alt Jul, 30 2023

Understanding the Need to Download Blogger Posts

So, my little buddy Ronan asked me the other day why anyone would want to download all of their blogger posts. Now, keep in mind, this particular child of mine has more knowledge of tech and gadgets at the age of seven than I had accumulated by my dear ol' thirties. 'Well, kiddo,' I began, 'there are several reasons for it.' You might be switching to another platform or ending your blogging journey. Perhaps you want a backup just in case. Or maybe you want to compile them for a memoir or another huge life project. No matter your reasons, it's good to have a fail-safe.

Taking the Initial Steps

All right, guys. Here we move onto the first technical things. Believe me, I am no tech guru myself, but with experience you do learn a lot of cool stuff. Especially when you have kids who are more technologically inclined than you (coughs* Ronan *coughs). Let's get started, shall we? Firstly, I hoped you already knew that you need to sign in to your Blogger account, right? You do this by visiting the website '' Go ahead; I'll wait. Okay? Signed in? Brilliant! Now, you need to go to the Settings section. It'll be on your left. It's a cogwheel icon, for those unfamiliar with this kind of jargon. Need help? Just ask your I did.

Navigating the 'Other' Section

The beauty of this entire process is the simplicity of it all. I mean, it is not like building a rocket to send to Mars or something. We Aussies have been doing pretty remarkable things like that lately, but unfortunately, I was not on the team. Maybe in my next life. Now, in the settings' panel, you'll see the 'Other' option on which you need to click. Then you will see the 'Import & back up' subtitle. Immediately we know we're on the right track, right? It is the 'back up' thing we're after!

Selecting the Backup Option

Oh, come on! Don't grin at me like that. I see that smug look of satisfaction on your face because you knew where this was going. No, not everything is as tricky as it seems. Life is complicated enough without making our tech routines even more perplexing, you know? Anyway, remember our friend 'Import & back up'? Click on that, and then you need to click on the 'Back up Content' button that pops up on your screen. So far, so good?

Choosing What to Include

Okay, this is where the fun begins; or let's say, where you exercise your control like the mighty emperor of your blogging kingdom. Joking aside, when you click on 'Back up Content', you get a little pop-up window asking you what you want to save. And trust me, it's not as existential as it sounds. You can either decide to choose 'All blog posts' or 'Selected posts'. If you choose 'Selected posts', it also prompts you to pick the posts on the page.

Finalising the Download

All right, after a little indecisiveness because I am pretty sure all our posts are like our babies (come on, don't argue with me on this), let's assume we chose 'All blog posts'. Click the 'Download' button after that. And voila! You are pretty much done. What happens next is that a file named 'yourblogname-yyyy-mm-dd'.xml is downloaded on your device. Remember, this file contains all your posts, multi-media and comments. This 'xml' is like a magical tech language that safeguard your content when moving platforms or for keeping a record. Neat, right?

Additional Tips and Tricks

Now, remember what I said about the simplicity of this whole thingy? Yes, well, like most things tech, there are a few caveats to know. If you are downloading a huge amount of content, then the process may take longer. A little patience goes a long way in this tech world, trust me. Also, you are allowed to download the content multiple times, so fret not if you missed out on anything in the first go. But do mind the frequency as excessive download attempts can result in a temporary block on downloads. So basically, don't go overboard!

On the Off Chance

Now, I give this advice with a 40% chance of you probably not needing it. But in case you do, better to know beforehand, right? If you encounter any problems while downloading your Blogger posts, it's likely that either you've tried too many downloads recently or too many posts were selected at once. In both cases, the solution is straightforward — Wait a while! Yes, that's it. Go out, throw a boomerang, and wait for it to come back. When it does, probably the temporary block would have lifted, or your request would have been processed. Keep in mind, tech is our helpful servant, not the master. Just give it some rest occasionally.