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Feeding baby doesn’t have to mean a mess. This Snug Suction Bowl and Spoon set comes with everything you need to give baby a taste of real food, in a neat and convenient package. Perfect for babies who are just learning to eat solid foods.

Easy to hold shape
Nothing’s worse than spills during feeding time. Prevent the mess (at least from you) with this bowl’s easy to hold design. It stays securely in your hands, so you can get a tighter grip and avoid unsightly messes.

Spoon just right for baby
The set comes with a spoon that’s made to fit perfectly in tiny mouths. This allows baby to get a good grip around it, preventing messes as baby learns to eat solid food. Despite its small size, it still holds enough food to give your child adequate bites for a full feeding. The spoon also has an easy to hold handle, making it easy for you to use, as well as for baby when he’s ready to start trying to self-feed.
Hygienic cover keeps baby safe
When it’s time to travel, or store the bowl and spoon away for next time, this set comes with a hygienic cover to keep the spoon free of dirt, dust, and grime. Just wash and put the cover on for next time.

Easy maintenance and stylish colours
The green and yellow colour scheme makes this set fitting for boys and girls alike. You’ll also find both pieces to be easy to maintain and clean, since they’re easy to wipe clean after use.



Baby Suction Bowl and Spoon Review
  • Baby Suction Bowl and Spoon


This suction bowl is just okay for me. I was able to receive it for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, thinking that this would be a great solution to my son flinging his bowl onto the floor. I was only half right. The bowl has some good and bad points, so let me explain. When I first opened the package, I pulled it out, washed it for the first time and then added some Cheerios for my son. At first, he was unable to pull the bowl off the high chair. But only during the first feeding. When washing it the second time I realized that the suction portion comes off, and after it was removed the first time for cleaning, it has not been right since. It will stick for a few minutes, but after that the bowl comes out of the suction portion. I also was not a huge fan of the spoon as it is shaped awkwardly. My son had trouble holding it correctly, and so did I, honestly. The good things about the bowl are that even without the suction part, it has a lid that can be used to cover and store the leftovers, and it is a good sized bowl. Overall, I am not ecstatic about it, but it does serve the purpose it was meant for, holding food.

**This product was received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced.


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    Sandra Watts

    Aren’t these great! I had some similar to it when my boys were growing up.