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A little about the owner of this page…

A little more about the woman behind the scenes:

Hi! My name is Dora and I am a Stay-at-Home Mom. My main focus in life is to bring a smile to my son's face each day and provide him with every opportunity to learn and grow into an amazing young man. I started this blog mainly because I wanted to reach out to other moms like myself.

I am a blogger, writer, reviewer, and I run my own business selling the most amazing books as an independent consultant.

But more than those things I am a mother, a wife, a cook, a housekeeper, a comforter, an advice giver, and the rock that makes my family steady. I am the glue that holds us together when everything seems to be falling apart.

I love my job, in every aspect of my life from being a SAHM to blogging. I also love being able to help other moms find their passions, find helpful information to make their lives easier, and just being someone that people can talk to!

I hope that you will continue to blog with me and that I can touch your heart in some way, make you laugh, help you to find a smile on a bad day, or give you some helpful advice!!!

I look forward to the future of this blog and the friendships that may come with it!

Thank you so much for reading, and being a part of the Bloggin' with Bubby's Mommy family!!!