Everyone has that one thing they love doing themselves, and here you can find odd and end ways of doing Do-It-Yourself projects easier! From the smallest task to the biggest project, there is always a better way to get it done.

Do you love celebrating Fall and Halloween?? We do, and that’s why we love this easy-made idea by Brandy at For more amazing How-To’s and holiday ideas, be sure to […]

Halloween Pencil Eraser Stamped T-Shirt

For many people, Spring cleaning is just that- cleaning that happens once a year in the SPRING! But why? Wouldn’t doing your Spring cleaning twice a year lessen the load […]

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for the Spring!

I came across this amazing article on the P&G website. I love little things like this that you can do with your children, grandkids, niece and/or nephew, or just something […]

DIY Coffee Can Birdfeeders   Recently updated !

★ EXTRA LONG WITH MORE TAPE – Covers 17 feet: 15 feet edge cushion + 8 corner cushions; 3 feet longer than other top brands! Includes authentic 3M adhesive double-sided […]

Multi Purpose Edge & Corner Guard Review

Who would have ever guessed there were so many uses for something that you buy to warm up your food? We ahve all done it, tried to find an easier […]

DIY: Microwave Hacks

DIY Raised Bed 7
I love gardening and even though its early in the year, I already have bell peppers and tomatoes growing! There are many ways to build a garden whether it is […]

DIY: Raised Garden