Making Bath Time Fun

When it comes to bath time, what is age appropriate and what isn't? How many times have you wondered what to do to make bath time more fun and stay safe at the same time, what are some good toys for the tub, or what a bath time routine should look like?

I know that going into parenthood I needed to do a lot of research to prepare myself for what was to come. Now at 4.5 months old, I am questioning things that could pose a safety risk for my little guy. In this post I will give you a list of things to ensure the safety of your little ones as well as helping you and them enjoy bath time instead of dreading it!

Here are some of the things you should and should not do when bathing your little one:

DO- Make sure you have everything you might need within arms-reach. You don't want to have to get up and leave them in the tub alone while you grab towels, clothing, or any other necessities you may have forgotten. I put a shelf in our bathroom with all of my son's bath time stuff so it would all be there every time he gets bathed.
DO- Provide them with different toys, and switch it up every couple of days. Just like we get tired of having the same things all the time, children do too. Variety is the spice of life, so mix it up!
DO- Help them stay calm by playing with them, singing to them, or just being right there if they need you. While bath time can be great, it can also turn stressful when a small child or baby starts to get fussy, and it could turn dangerous for them quickly.
DO- Make bath time a family thing. If you have more than one child, put them in together. Not only is this fun for them, but it can eliminate multiple baths, waiting on water to heat up, and cleaning MORE water off the floor than necessary.
DO- Decide what happens first at each bath like: Wash hair, wash body, rinse, then play. This can ensure a clean child, AND a happy mom.
DO- Buy one of those no-slip mats for the tub, or some of those neat little tub stickies in the shapes of animals, fish, or whatever their little heart's desire. This will help keep them safe when standing in the tub, and when climbing out.

DON'T- Forget to clean everything well once they are done. Toys can grow mold if left wet, and this could make your child sick. Make sure to squeeze the water out of sponges, squirt toys, or anything that can hold water longer than an hour after a bath.
DON'T- Hurry. When you hurry bath time it can make you stressed out and them feel rushed. Stay a while, play, and have FUN!
DON'T- Leave water running. Make sure you turn it off before putting them into the tub and then only turning it on again at the end to rinse off. Leaving the water running may tempt them to play with the knobs causing them to possibly get scalded.
DON'T- Forget to enjoy bath time. They grow so quickly and before long they will be teenagers, then adults, and they won't need you for these types of things anymore. Savor every moment while they are little, it flies by.

Some great toys or games for bath time:

Rubber Duckies! These are a classic and may possibly NEVER go out of style. You can actually get them in sets of 3 or 4 at the Dollar Store; a moma duck and a few babies in each sack.
Toy boats, you know, the little plastic ones? These are also a great item for bath time because maybe Miss Duck wants to ride in the boat tonight. (Imagination is an amazing thing.)
Throwaway Containers of ALL sizes. All kids like to see, feel, and hear the water splashing. This is also a great learning tool for cause and effect. By filling the containers with water and then pouring it back out they are learning about full and empty.
Bath Crayons and Paints are wonderful! They are messy but a lot of fun. This one should definitely be used once age appropriate.
Sing together. You can sing old nursery rhymes or make up your own as you go. This is also great for soothing a smaller child or baby. My little guy loves it when I sing to him, nothing in particular, I think it's mostly the rhythm of my voice.

There are tons more ideas out there, and ultimately, you and your children have to figure out what fits best for you. Hopefully some of these suggestions can help you find your way whether you are a first time mom, or a mom of multiple children.

As for schedules, we try to start early with bath time around 6 or 7 and then we do dinner afterwards. That may sound silly but once he is bathed and fed, he seems to fall asleep faster and sleeps better. We are currently working on a bedtime routine and a  lot of the information I have read suggests starting a bedtime routine with bath time can help form a good schedule. Hopefully it works out.

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