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As a mom, I love finding great products for my son. When I came across these neat bebēk SenseFlo cups and bottles, I knew we just had to check them out! My son has never really cared for a bottle at all, so we went straight from breastfeeding to sippy cups, and cups with straws. He does really well for the most part, but he gets too much sometimes and chokes a little.

For me, this is super scary, and a BIG reason that the SenseFlo system stood out to me. So what, you might ask, makes SenseFlo different from any other bottle or cup on the market?
Well, let me tell you: 

  • Baby controls milk flow based on a natural suckling reflex and level of hunger
  • Allows baby to feed, pause and breathe similar to breastfeeding
  • Patented nipple vent simply eliminates air bubbles minimizing gassiness and colic with no complex parts to assemble
  • Soft, petal design increases responsiveness
  • Promotes a relaxed, satisfying feeding experience with your baby

(information obtained from the bebēk website)

Classic & Plus+ Feeding Bottles

The first item I would like to talk about are the bebēk SenseFlo bottles. Even though Bubby does not normally use a bottle, I still filled one for him anyway. At first he just looked at it, played with it, and chewed the nipple. After about 5 mins of this, he realized he had juice in it, and was overjoyed. He drank out of it for about 5-10 minutes off and on until he had his fill and was done with it. Period. The fact that he drank from it at all was very impressive, and not once did he choke on the juice coming out. Thanks to the SenseFlo nipple, his suction was the controlling factor, helping him to not drink too much at one time. The bottles are shaped nicely, and this helps him to hold onto it better.

Also, the bottles, if you choose to buy the Starter Kit, comes with a very nice bottle brush to help keep the bottles, and nipples clean and mold free. One of my biggest pet-peeves is picking up a sippy or bottle I KNOW I washed thoroughly, and it have mold inside the rim of the lid, or in the groove on the nipple, where the lid holds it.

Silicone & Plus+ Sippy Cups

These, obviously are more Bubby’s speed. He loves his sippy cup! They come in 2 varieties. One with a soft flexible spout, more like the bottle nipple, and the other one a more firm, but still flexible spout. The 2nd option is the one pictured below. I love the fact that with these, there is 100% no leakage. I turned a few of them upside down filled with water, and shook them. Nothing.
It really has become hard to find a product like this that lives up to their name, and does exactly what they advertise. I could not be more happy with them. Bubby seems to love them as well, which is nice because when we are on the go now, I do not have to worry about the upholstery in the back seat looking like a mini Picasso rode back there, lol.


The SenseFlo feature is unlike anything else on the market, that I personally, have come across. I love the time and care put into these products and am genuinely pleased with them. Overall, I would highly recommend these to any mother of babies, or toddlers. I would especially recommend these to breastfeeding mothers that are trying to wean, or supplement a bottle in the place of the breast temporarily such as for a trip to Grandma’s house or out with Dad. Or if you are weaning altogether, I think these would be a great place to start.

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**These products were received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. There was no other compensation received, and all opinions are 100% my own, based on my own personal experiences with the product.

bebēk SenseFlo Review
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    These sound wonderful! Such an easy transition. They sound like they are easy to clean too which is very important to me. Great review!

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    Brandi H

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. The bebēk SenseFlo cups and bottles seem to be a great product. I love all the color options of the cups.

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    Alyssa Waters

    These bottles are really great. Seems like we found our winner for when I pump and daddy gets to feed the baby.

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    cynthia nicoletti

    What a great starter set for a baby. Love the design of the bottles and sippy cup.