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When it comes to what my son uses to cover up, he is all about soft! I have tons of blankets, some are not as soft as the others, and those he refuses to be covered with. This blanket is the perfect blend of soft and warm. Also, it is actually big enough to cover him up, which I was worried about, because he is almost a year old, and a lot of blankies just wont cover him fully anymore.

I love the Camo pattern, and that the opposite side is extra soft, and a solid color. It helps bring out the camo on the front since the light brown wraps around like a trim on the decorated side. I wish I had one big enough for mommy, lol. Overall, I really like this blanket, and would like to get at least one more since Bubby is in the chewing on EVERYTHING phase (he leaves his clothes and blankets soaked with slobber).

I would definitely recommend this product. It would make a very nice gift for any mom-to-be or new mom, or even for your own little one.


I am a lover of pampering ones-self. There is nothing better than wrapping up in something soft and doing my nails and makeup, and with Camo Chique’s line of Luxury Wraps I can do it as often as I like.

I had my son 9 months ago, and since then the weight has decided it just wants to live around my waist. These wraps are made to accommodate larger shaped individuals. They have 4 sizes on each one, depending on where you snap it closed (there are 4 snaps). They are also made with a long elastic band for even more room, and comfort.
I had previously owned some wraps, but they no longer fit, and were not soft and plush like these. These include the wrap and a velcro-close headbands, as well as, other goodies depending on which one you choose to buy. All of their items are made incredibly well. And seem like they will last a very long time.

The stitching is very tight, and there are no imperfections anywhere on the wraps or bands. I always check the stitching in any clothing, towels, sheets, ANYTHING that has been sewn because some companies do a better job than others. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed, and absolutely in love with these wraps. I plan on sending a few of these out as gifts at Christmas this year. I would definitely recommend giving this wrap a try!! :)

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Camo Chique Spa Wrap & Camo Blanket Review
  • Spa Wrap #1 (White 2x-3x)
  • Spa Wrap #2 (White- 4x+)
  • Spa Wrap #3 (Black- 2x-3x)
  • Camo Baby Blanket- Mossy Oak

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5 thoughts on “Camo Chique Spa Wrap & Camo Blanket Review

  • Reply
    Brandi H

    Adorable pictures. I love the camo blanket. It looks super soft. I love wearing bath wraps in the summer when it’s so hot and trying to put on makeup. This sounds like an awesome company.

  • Reply
    Alyssa Waters

    That baby blanket is so cute! I am usually not a fan of camo but that is one I would buy. It looks so soft! & This mama could really use one of those spa wraps.

  • Reply

    So neat! I love something to throw on right out of the shower, but robes are too hot in the summer

  • Reply
    Rachel Fuller

    Love this!

  • Reply
    cynthia nicoletti

    So cute !! We are a camo family in my home. A beautiful tack a long bag for your baby.