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I had the amazing opportunity to receive one of these blankets from in exchange for an honest review! I had recently ordered a photo blanket from another company and was skeptical of how much alike that the two blankets might be. I could not have been more wrong. In my honest opinion, I was IN-LOVE when this photo blanket arrived! It was twice the size of the other one, AND it was much thicker. Now, please, don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking the other company, it is just that they are made differently, and each one has it’s own uses. The other one now belong’s to my son as it is the perfect size for him.

Blanket-PileWhat I loved about this whole experience, was the customer service I received, the updated tracking on my shipment, and how easy it was to create and order. I am a huge fan of photo-product sites as I order photobooks multiple times a year, photo blankets, calenders, greeting cards, and more! So when I come across a company that makes my experience this pleasant and problem free, it makes me want to use that company more often.  The blanket is amazing. I love that it is so soft. I expected it to be more rough and need to be washed and have fabric softener added, but it didn’t. Also, the image that I chose came out beautifully. For as large as the image was, it was not the least bit pixelated. I chose one of my whole family on our son’s first day at the beach, and it has become one of my favorite pictures. I did have the choice to include a multitude of images, and just chose not to.


This is the Original Image

This is the Blanket we got from

This is an up-close image so that you can see there is no pixelation

This is an up-close shot of the edge of the Blanket

This blanket is very well made and would make anyone happy to have one. These blankets are available in fleece, and velvet plush. Mine is one of the fleece blankets. The velvet blanket will most likely be my next buy from this company. My mom raves about wanting one and this may just be what she gets for her next gift!

The process for making one of these is super simple: has much more than just blankets, they also have tons of other things that would make great keepsakes, or gifts!

Just a little of what has on their site:


Photo Books

Gallery‑Wrapped Canvases




Beach Towels



Bulk Orders

& much, much more…..

Overall, I think this is one of the best photo blankets I have come across in a long time. It is made well, warm, soft, and looks incredible. I would definitey recommend for your gifting needs.

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    This item is fabulous and would make a great gift for anyone.

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    Sandra Watts

    That is really quite nice quality close up even looks good. Nice family too btw.

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      Bubby's Mommy Post author

      Thank you very much

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    Donna Jacoby

    I love the photo! This is a great idea for a gift. Thank you for sharing!

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    Megan Swinney

    Wish I could afford this.. looks very nice.