Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag Review

Smart-chic design means you look naturally mommy-glam and organized without trying

Nouveau ingenious accessories include detachable changing pad, wet pouch, ipod/phone pouch

Wipe-clean waterproof vinyl surface, double-padded durability makes upcycling a breeze

Make life easy:

6 inner & 2 outer pouches holds ipod/cell phone, water bottle, baby bottle



Stroller colors pop by trendy diaper bag with 2 removable, adjustable handles and straps



Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag Review
  • Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag


I am always on the hunt for a trendy bag to carry with me, whether it's a purse or a diaper bag. This amazing diaper bag by Cranberry Baby is one of my favorites. I love that it looks fashionable, has tons of space, and includes both handles, as well as a shoulder strap. I carry a lot of stuff with me when I leave the house because I have my son with me every where I go. Having what he and I both need is really important. I am able to take along my wallet, plenty of diapers, wipes, 2 changes of clothes for Bubby, 2 blankies, snacks, drinks, and a couple small toys and I still have tons of room when I am done packing.
This bag is really well made, and is easy to clean which is great because I am a klutz at times and constantly spill drinks.
Overall, I love this bag and am hoping they come out with some other designs. I would like to have a few more, maybe one in black, and one in a soft colored, not too busy floral print. Then I would be set for every outfit, lol.

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