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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!

August 1st – 7th


Many mothers have a huge choice to make when it comes to providing nutrition for their little ones. There is a struggle for some to choose between formula feeding, which is of course easier; or breastfeeding which does indeed take some work.

BUT, when you choose to breastfeed you are choosing much more than devoting your time to your child, you are choosing multiple health benefits, better bonding, and so much more.

Breastmilk provide the ideal nutrients every baby needs. For the breastfed baby, they will receive the perfect mix of vitamins, proteins, and fats needed to grow.

They will gain antibodies that the mother already has built up inside, giving them a boost in their own immune system to fight off infections like ear infections, respiratory illness, and bouts of diarrhea.

They will gain better digestion, as well as having lower risks of asthma, or allergies to foods, and other possible allergens.

On top of all of these things, it is an amazing way for mom and baby to bond, and can give you many opportunities for Skin-to-Skin! This can also help aide in baby’s growth and overall health.

We have teamed up with Fresh Baby to help bring awareness to you about breastfeeding and some of their very helpful products to keep Mom healthy and motivated along the way.

They have a great line of products ranging from breastfeeding helpers, to healthy eating for the whole family!

One of my favorite items that they sent out to me was the Moma Pop Maker. This little pop-maker can be used to make breastmilk pops, or anything else your heart desires.

I have been using it to make baby yogurt pops since my little guy loves yogurt, and the cold seems to help ease the discomfort of teething.

He seems to love it, and it is very easy to hold on to. It also has little knobbies inside on the ‘pop-stick’ that he can chew on once the freezie-pop is gone.

The next great thing they sent out was the Mama Jewels breastfeeding reminder band. This little tool is great for one BIG reason: because it helps you to remember which breast you should feed from next.

When I first started breastfeeding my son, it was a constant battle to keep up with which side I had fed from last, and keeping my boobs from looking like one side had been deflated due to overfeeding (feeding him on the same side 2 times n a row).

This little ‘bra bracelet’ is pretty, as well as being useful!

And finally, the easy to carry water bottle that reminds me to keep myself hydrated! It LITERALLY reminds me to drink, lol. On the bottle it has the reminder to drink and be active which is nice because I really do forget a lot of the time to drink anything myself. because I am constantly caring for my son.

All moms know how easy it is to forget to do for ourselves when we are trying to care for our little ones. I am definitely guilty of this! But drinking lots of water and eating plenty of good, nutritional foods can actually benefit breastfeeding moms. It can help your energy level, your supply, and just make you feel better all around.

I try to drink at least a half gallon to a whole gallon of water each day, and this little bottle is super convenient.

Some other information, useful sites and printables are located here so that you can get the most out of YOUR experience:

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No matter what a healthy baby is a happy baby, so whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, always do it with love, and make it a time for you and your little one to grow closer.

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