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FreshBaby is all about keeping you and your little ones healthy all year long, so why not when they are in school, too? As the summer ends and the cool weather rolls in, packing snacks and making sandwiches becomes the norm in most homes. In our home, it has already become a daily thing as Daddy heads to work, and picnics get packed for family outings. We love being able to eat right at home and on the go, and with these products from FreshBaby, it has become much easier.

I received 4 very awesome items from FreshBaby, and each one has it’s own special place in our daily routine. They sent me a Collapsible Water Bottle, a Myplate Reusable Sandwich Bag, a Myplate Reusable Snack Bag, and a Fish-Shaped Toothbrush Cover and Rinse Cup. Each one is used by someone in our home everyday. For instance, hubby uses the snack and sandwich pouches for his lunch when he leaves for work, I use the water bottle and so does my son, and the toothbrush holder makes a nice little cup and storage place for my son when we clean his little chompers! 

The snack and sandwich pouches are great because they are just big enough to hold my husband’s lunch and a small snack, depending on how hot it is since we live in Florida, will be the determining factor of whether or not he has a snack and drink or a sandwich.

Having both is much easier for him and I both. What sold me on them, was not the size or how cute they are, but that they have recommendation on the back of the pouch for healthy snack ideas and sandwich ideas. This helps me because I have a tendency to pack the same old stuff everyday. I love how well thought out they are, and that they have the thermal lining. They are easy to clean, and have a place inside so when my son starts school or daycare and I send lunch, I can put his name and my contact info incase they are ever lost.

The water bottle is nice because I sometimes forget to drink anything all day long, and that is really bad for anyone. But, being a busy SAHM and trying to run my blog and book business makes it even easier for me to forget that I need to have something to drink. Thankfully, my son likes this bottle and carries it around with him, so I fill it in the morning and we both use it during the day, I refill it once he heads to bed or as needed and it stays close by. It holds enough water to satisfy both of us, and stays cold about as long as any other bottle I have owned.

The fish is awesome in my humble opinion. I love that we can put Bubby’s toothbrush in it, and when we are done brushing, he can “rinse” his mouth out (he hasn’t quite gotten this part down to a science yet). It is made of thick rubber and closes flat so it makes a great travel accessory. When we hit the bathroom, Bubby looks at the counter everyday to make sure it is there and immediately reaches for it. A very nice addition to tooth-time, I think!

Overall, I am highly impressed with everything I have gotten through FreshBaby and will definitely be shopping with them in the future, both for myself and my family. I would recommend their stuff to everyone!!

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FreshBaby Back-to-School Review
  • Myplate Reusable Sandwich Bag
  • Myplate Reusable Snack Bag
  • Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Fish-Shaped Toothbrush Cover and Rinse Cup

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