Jergens VoxBox

I have always been a lover of good products, and Jergens never disappoints me when it comes to skin care. Their BB hand creme is absolutely amazing! When my free full sized sample came in the mail, I was extremely excited to get to try out Jergens BB line. The very first thing I did was open the BBHand and apply it. My hands are always so dry, and sometimes, I have cracking on my knuckles if I don’t apply lotion regularly. This gave my hands moisture for over 3 hours! I did not have to reapply, but I did anyway because the lotion itself felt so great. It smells amazing, and has easily become my current favorite for keeping my hands soft and smooth! My honest, and unswayed opinion is that this product will easily become their next great classic and I hope it stays around for a long time to come.

Jergens VoxBox Review
  • BBProtect
  • BBBody
  • BBHand

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