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❤ PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND PETS from harmful UV rays. Prevent glare and reduce heat without compromising on the visibility for the driver or passengers. Sticks well in temperature changes and on BOTH COLD AND WARM DAYS. Pediatricians often recommend that you use sun shades to protect your children and babies against harmful UV Rays. You can make the sun SAFE AND ENJOYABLE for everyone today.

❤ VERY SIMPLE TO USE AND REALLY QUICK TO INSTALL on your rear side car windows. They are safe, durable and lightweight with a flexible frame that makes it easy to twist and fold when you want to put them away. They STAY SECURELY IN PLACE when installed and can easily be removed or adjusted in seconds without leaving behind marks or residue.

❤ READ 5 STAR REVIEWS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: “The sunshades is exactly as the seller described it and more! You will not be disappointed.” – “I think these are best suction cups ever! Seriously, where did these come from!?” – “The quality of the specific sunshade is much higher than others I have purchased in the past.” – “The animals are bright and colorful and the baby loves looking at them. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product.” – “I recommend to any parent… I love them.” – “These sun shades are too cute! My daughter absolutely loves them!”

❤ TODAY YOU RECEIVE A FREE BONUS BAG to store and protect your sun shades. When they are folded they become very small and can easily be placed in your bonus bag together with the suction cups, to make sure you never lose them. Store in your glove compartment or in your car door when not in use.

❤ FITS MOST CAR WINDOWS, sun shade size 17 x 14.4 inches. Place them in your vehicle and it doesn’t matter what type of car you own. It could be a truck, van, SUV, Toyota, Bmw, Fiat, Subaru or Jeep and they will look great. If you own more than one car, remember to BUY SUNSHADES FOR ALL YOUR CARS to always keep your darlings safe.

Jomolly Sunshade
  • Jomolly Sunshade Review


I had the opportunity to review these items in exchange for an honest review, and I am mostly pleased with this product. I like that it has characters, and that they shield most of the sun off my child. I have also completed a video review to show you what they look like, and to share my opinion with you before you buy them, you can check it out below.
Overall they are good sunshades, and I would have probably bought these in store if I had seen them before this opportunity arose.


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    Priscilla King

    Y’know, I wouldn’t mind reviewing these too–although my camera phone does strange things to shapes and colors, so it’d need to be a text-only blog post. My take on the subject is that too many visitors to my state, Virginia, are receiving tickets for “excessive window tinting,” and these little pop-off shades are *legal*!