Junior DJ Drum Band Review

Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Children’s Musical Instrument Toy Drum & Keyboard Play Set

7 Key Piano w/ 4 Small Tom-Toms, 2 Cymbals, 2 Drumsticks, and Bass Drum w/ Foot Pedal

Flashing Lights! On/Off Switch, Animal Sounds Buttons: Horse, Cow, Bird

Drum Rhythm Mode: Play Pre-Programmed Drum Rhythms, DJ Mixer: Functions as a DJ Mixer

Easy to Assemble! Approx. Assembled Dimensions: 10″ Long x 26″ Wide x 24″ Tall, Stool Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 7.5″, Requires 3 AA Batteries to run (not included)


Junior DJ Drum Band Review
  • Junior DJ Drum Band


I know some people have given this thing great reviews, but I just need to make it clear that I, personally, am not impressed. First of all, the pieces were a pain to get together, there were places missing, literally missing, where pieces were supposed to attach, and the big drum broke as soon as my son put his hands on it. The only piece of this that we liked was the keyboard, but even that we had issues with, as it will literally play until the battery is dead (which could take FOREVER). On the box, there were statements that made absolutely no sense and it even mentioned something about fondling which threw me off because what does a child's toy have to do with fondling ANYTHING. Overall, this is not something I would spend my money on because of the lack of quality, care, and oversight when it was made.

**This product was received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced.


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