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As of late, there are not many things I will give a 5 star review because of the quality of the items. This is definitely one of my favorite items that I have received for review because of how perfect they are!

Let me explain why I feel this way.

First of all, they are made for kids!

Yes, they are made for children, but they not only fit older children, they also fit my son who is just about 11 months old. They fit really well, actually, and they do not fall off! He seems comfortable in them and when we have to travel long distances, this is a big deal because I want him to be as comfy as possible. There is nothing worse than a screaming baby on an 8 hour road trip.

Second, they have options!

By this I mean they not only have the one jack for the single headset, but they also have a second jack to place another pair of headphones in. This works out great because if we decide to have another child, or I have my niece or nephew with us, they can watch along as well. The dual headphone jacks are a great extra that many headphones do not have.

I also like that there are a ton of colors to choose from, and this would make buying a set for both of my sisters kids a great gift option.

The sound quality in these headphones is also another great feature! They sound just as good, if not better than my $120 headphones I use for editing videos!!!
I really like how well these are made. They do not feel cheap or flimsy, and they fold up for easy storage. They come with a nice little bag to keep them in, and the headphone cord detaches. All of this fits in the bag and can even be stored in the glove box because of the collapsed size.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with these headphones and would highly recommend looking into getting a pair if you are in the market for headphones for your children!

Another awesome product I got to check out with the headphones, was this tablet mount for the car!

Having a good mount for tablets in the car can be a hassle, and having one that actually fits and stays put is an even bigger hassle. This one is really great because even though it is made for those thinner tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the iPad line, it will still hold my older model, heavy HP tablet.

I love that it is so sturdy and actually attaches to the metal bars of the car headrest instead of just having a flimsy strap that is expected to hold it on, and steady, while a CHILD is using it. The brackets used for mounting it are adjustable and can be moved back and forth depending on the width of your headrest bars. It can also be used of a rear-facing car seat and mounted to the front of the back-seat headrest.

The quality is really great all the way around, it feels made to last, and I love that it can be stored along with our LilGadgets headphones, right inside the glove compartment. It is lightweight and not bulky at all. We really love this little mount.

Overall, I am pleased with both of these awesome items and if you don’t already have them, and are looking to get a mount and/or headphones, I would definitely suggest the LilGadgets line they have a lot to choose from and their stuff seems very nice.

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LilGadgets Review
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