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We are planning our first big trip since Bubby was born and anyone who has ever traveled with a baby or toddler in a car for more than an hour or so knows that it can turn into a disaster very quickly. Having things on hand to make the trip more bearable, and fun can be the difference between showing up frustrated and exhausted, and showing up happy and ready to rock!

We are traveling from Florida to North Carolina by CAR of all things with a 1 year old, and the thought kind of makes me cringe a little, but thanks to PiyoPiyo we have a pretty good experience. They have created a ton of sets, but their Travel Set is the one I chose to review for you guys just for the purpose of having something on hand when we head out in September.

This little set includes a bunch of neat stuff that I would have completely forgotten. First of all, it comes in THE cutest suitcase made just to carry along. Inside is a teething and rattler toy which Bubby is in love with because it makes noise AND he can chew it!! It also has a binky clip with 2 binkies in a carrying case, a baby fork and spoon in a travel case (something I would NOT have thought to take with us), a spill proof bowl to hold your little ones Cheerios, yogurt bites, or any dry, bite-sized snack food. The opening of the bowl has an opening made of silicone that baby can reach down into and grab what they like while still keeping the food inside that they aren’t eating. It also includes a lid so you can close it up and stick it right in your diaper bag. It also includes a miniature sized pack of water wipes. They have no harsh chemicals, and wont leave your little one feeling sticky after you wipe them off, and it makes them safe to use on their face, hands, and all. I think this is a great little set to take along on a short or long road trip. Hopefully this helps us out along the way.

For now we are using it in town and it seems to keep him occupied, clean and happy. Overall, I love this set, and plan on getting some of their others in the very near future to take with us as well. I would recommend this to the traveling Mommy looking for something to help ease the pain of long car rides, or just to have in the car or around the house. Either way it is a nifty little kit!!

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PiyoPiyo Travel Set Review
  • PiyoPiyo Travel Set

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    Rachel Fuller

    Wish I would have known about this a few years ago!! Love them!

  • Reply
    Marya Mann

    I’ve actually tried their products before and we like them. Thanks for the review.