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REPEL PESTS FROM YOUR HOME’S WALLS – This electronic pest repeller features electromagnetic technology to disturb pests hidden in walls and deter undesirable would-be invaders by slightly varying the electromagnetic frequency of the in-wall wiring without impacting other electronic equipment.

NON-TOXIC HOME PEST CONTROL – Helps you maintain a pest-free home without the use of poisons or chemicals should you wish to avoid them. Control rodent and insect invaders with ultrasonic sound frequencies (inaudible to the human ear) and electromagnetic fields instead of chemical sprays and poisons. Use to target your mouse problem or to deter bats, ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects.

CHOOSE THE FUNCTIONS YOU WANT – This pest repeller includes 4 switches that let you select which of the 4 functions you want to activate. For example: It’s easy to switch off the ultrasonic mode if you intend to place the repeller near sensitive pets like rabbits, hamsters or gerbils. Subtle LED lights indicate which features are active.

ELIMINATE ODORS & GERMS – Use the negative ion and O3 functions to help eliminate odors, airborne pollutants and to reduce virus and bacteria levels. Use in conjunction with other non-toxic methods such as essential oils to amplify the effect.

EASY TO USE & RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Just check the manual for recommendations, plug into a standard wall outlet and activate your desired function for indoor pest control. Ultrasonic for rodent defense and insect repelling, electromagnetic for in-wall pests and negative ion and/or O3 for airborne microbe control. If you don’t get the results you want we’ll fulfill our 60-day no-hassle refund guarantee

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review


We live in an apartment complex, so when one neighbor decides to bomb or treat for their bugs, we tend to see a few here and there. I have had this almost 3 weeks and have had it plugged up since it came. On the box it says you may see an increase then a huge decrease when you first start using it. This is exactly what happened here. I started seeing one or two bugs here and there then all of a sudden- NOTHING! Awesome! It has 4 different uses:
-Ultrasonic sound wave creation (intended to disturb and drive away pests with sounds outside the spectrum audible to humans)
-Electromagnetic field alteration (to repel in-wall insects sensitive to electromagnetic variations)
-Negative ion generator (to reduce airborne particles, microbes and odors that help attract pests)
-O3 / ozone unit (for reducing indoor bacteria and virus levels)
You can use them all of just one, or any combination you may need in your own home.
Overall I think this is a great product, it works well and I would definitely recommend it.

This product was received in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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3 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

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    Thanks for sharing your review. I’ve heard of these and wondered if they worked or not. This sounds like a great product!

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    Dana Matthews

    I’ve heard of these but never actually used one. I had no idea it had an option that would help reduce bacteria and viruses. With a weak immune system due to RA and PsA this is a very valid point of interest for me. Thanks for such a good review.

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    Jennifer Shelton

    I need one of these for my house! I saw a creepy little thing one time and bought a cat, thankfully I haven’t seen one since, but this would still be nice to have!