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We are new to cloth diapering, but I am totally confident that our brand new FuzziBunz are the perfect fit for both my son, and our family. As a mother, I am always looking to improve my child’s comfort level, and over the last few months, I have noticed a slight change in the way my son’s skin is responding to the disposables we have been using. There has been more irritation than normal, no matter how many times a day he is changed, and regardless of the amounts of Desitin, and ointment we are using to help ease it.

I decided to start investigating cloth diapers a little more. When he was first born, the cost of getting cloth diapers was high in my personal opinion, but had I known then what I know now, we could have not only saved a ton of money by spending a little more initially, but we could have also provided a natural, more comfortable alternative for my son.

FuzziBunz are made from organic materials, they are extremely durable, they provide a custom fit no matter how big or small your baby, and I noticed my son stays much drier. I love they way they look as well since they come in so many cute designs and they have tons of colors to choose from.

Since starting to use them, my son’s skin issues have cleared up almost completely, and are continuing to heal more daily. I am so happy with our choice to look into cloth diapers more closely.

FuzziBunz has many awesome options for getting your cloth diapering adventure started. They have diapers by size and a one-size-adjustable option. They also have lots of neat packages available such as their Buy 6 Get 1 Free and their Buy 12 Get 2 Free options among lots of others. They also have an Infant to Potty Training package available.

Overall, I am super excited to own this amazing brand, and I think Bubby likes them as much as I do. I am in the process of buying more now, and hopefully will have a nice arsenal of cloth diapers built up soon!! I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the market for cloth diapers since there are so many options and the quality is so amazing.

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