What is Kids Email and should all parents know about it?

Kids Email Review
  • Kids Email Review

Kids email is an innovative way for you to let your kids have freedom, while still letting them be children!

It is designed with your child in mind; their safety, as well as their need to be like the grown-ups!

By creating an email account with KidsEmail.org, you can closely monitor their activity, customize their email account to suit their personality, set limits for when they can be on their account, and who they can interact with. This is a fantastic way to keep your child safe, and let them have their own space at the same time.
I had the amazing opportunity to try out this system. It was super easy to set up, I am able to access, and update settings at home and on the go, and it is age appropriate, with many options for the settings. Each child can have their own account, and the settings are specifically adjusted for each account. You have child settings, teenage settings, time and limitation settings, people allowed to email in, who they are allowed to send emails to, as well as many other options.

My favorite thing about this is that every detail is customizable, and each kid can have their own ‘desktop’. I also love that if the app is installed on a smart phone, you have GPS access to your child, ensuring their safety in yet another way! I am adding some images of what it looks like on a computer, on an android device, and an iOS device. Everything is very easy to comprehend, and set up. I honestly do not think that I would change a single thing about it. Even though Bubby isn’t quite big enough yet, when he is, this will be what he gets. I would much rather have him have an account like this than one designed for adults such as a gmail or yahoo account. I know he will be ready for a big boy email long before I am ready for him to have one, but this seems like a safe alternative that I can feel comfortable about!!

Kids Email let’s you customize your child’s email, and all of the settings. They can email only those that you set, or anyone. You determine the limit of their capabilities!

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You can access it on any android….

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Or any iOS device!!

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