Why diluting breastmilk can be dangerous 7

A Georgia couple has been charged with diluting breast milk and killing their 10-week-old baby.

While moms are instructed to not dilute infant formula, you should also know that adding water to breast milk can be dangerous, too — a terrible truth the couple learned after their infant daughter….

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7 thoughts on “Why diluting breastmilk can be dangerous

  • Alyssa Waters

    I don’t know why you would dilute anything for a baby let alone breast milk. This is really great information for new moms who don’t know the dangers for their newborn. Thank you for sharing

  • cynthia nicoletti

    You posted a very important information for a new mom. Hope all new moms will read and know how dangerous this could be for their newborn.

    • Bubby's Mommy Post author

      I agree, this kind of thing is very important to know. Especially for first time parents. It breaks my heart when someone loses something as precious as a child because no one extended the information they needed to succeed. I am considering adding stuff like this to our new Pregnancy page when it publishes at the end of the year.

    • Bubby's Mommy Post author

      It didn’t make sense to me either, but some young people aren’t totally educated when it comes to this stuff. I felt that sharing this might just save a life, and save a parent from accidentally harming their child. It’s sad, but things like this happen.