3 Online Deals You Never Expected

TitleThere’s nothing like the feeling of getting a seriously great deal online and seeing how much money you’ve saved. While most people know by now to look for special deals and promotions that major retailers offer, there are ways to save money on your online purchases that you might not expect. Learn more about some of the most unexpected ways you can save money when you’re doing your shopping online.


Cash back deals are a type of incentive that allows a buyer to receive a cash refund on a purchase. Currently, companies like FreeShipping.com are offering 10% cash back deals where you can earn cash back on qualifying purchases. Purchases need to be made at one of the 1,000 retailers that participate in the program, and cash back incentives can be used on top of any coupons and other discounts that the retailer offers. Cash back deals are one of the best ways to lower the prices on your online purchases, helping you to save significant money over time.


Sometimes, you may think you’ve found a great deal online, but then you see the shipping fee and realize you’re not saving anything. For this reason, many online retailers offer free shipping promotions in order to keep their customers happy. While some companies may offer free shipping on all orders, others may offer the deal after you’ve reached a spending minimum. The winter holiday season is an especially good time to take advantage of this deal, as many retailers offer free shipping promotions in addition to other bargains. Consider checking out FreeShipping.com reviews to help you learn more about how you can save on delivery costs this season.

Have you ever made a purchase, only to see a great deal on the same item a few weeks later? It’s maddening, isn’t it? Companies offer price protection because they want to make sure that you never kick yourself for shopping with them. With price protection, if you make a purchase and then find a lower price on that item in a store within a certain time frame of the transaction, you can be eligible for reimbursement on the price difference. FreeShipping.com ratings can help you to compare prices at a variety of retailers before you make your purchase, and price protection ensures that you don’t miss out on a great deal, even if it comes out after you’ve bought your item.

When shopping online, you do not have to accept the first price you see. Many unexpected deals out there can help you to save money and reduce the total cost at checkout time. Use FreeShipping.com to ensure that you are taking advantage of any possible deals to get the lowest price on your purchases. That will leave you with more money in your pocket and all of the items you needed to purchase in hand. Additionally, when you’re saving this much money with such ease, you just may decide that the benefits of shopping online have replaced tiresome trips to the mall and big-box retail stores forever!

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