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There are many, many solutions for helping calm baby. Ask any Mom, Dad, grandparent- ANYONE that has ever cared for a baby; they all have some piece of advice for quieting your little one. In my own  personal experience, swaddling, rocking, singing, and shushing endlessly are usually the best options to help calm an unhappy baby. When I came across the BabyShusher I was in awe, and needed to find out more.

The BabyShusher does exactly what it’s name portrays- it shushes! I only wish that I had known about this product when Bubby was still very small. It may have helped me to regain some of that lost sleep I so desperately needed. The idea behind it is absolutely genius because every baby I have ever held is comforted by the shushing sound one makes in an attempt to find some sanity in a long day (or night) of endless crying. This product is very well made, has 2 settings, and it WORKS! I think what makes the Collection so special, is that it not only comes with the Shusher, but it also includes 2 super soft binkies, and 2 Muslin blankets. The blankets can be used to swaddle baby, the binkies as a soother, and if all else fails, break out the big guns and turn on the BabyShusher. It has a rhythmic sound that even I find a little comforting.

The settings include a 15 minute, and a 30 minute run-time before shutting down. You can always turn it back on if needed, but most likely, baby will be snoozing before that is needed.

Overall, I totally love this product, the idea behind the product, and that everything seems to be made with a high level of care. This is something I think EVERY parent should own and I would especially recommend it to first time parents!

Sister Chic is a sister company to BabyShusher. They offer on-the-go accessories to help mom stay organized, and help keep baby’s things from hitting the ground. I got the chance to review 3 of their amazing products, and each one is great in it’s own way.

They offer a small bag, called the Tushy Tote,  that can strap right to the stroller, to hold diapers, and wipes, and you can even stick your keys and a few personal items inside. This is great for when you are going for a quick walk and do not need to drag a diaper bag along with you. Also, with this I received a Dropper Stopper and a Binkie Band. The Dropper Stopper is made to hold your child’s bottle or sippy cup without fear of them losing it, or it hitting the ground, rendering it useless until you find a sink. The Binkie Band does the same thing. It is a binkie clip that helps avoid it falling to the ground, or losing it, just like the Dropper Stopper.

I got all 3 of these items in the same pattern, Sky Dot, but you can choose the pattern that suits you or your little one! There are a lot to choose from. The colors are very pretty, and each piece is made to last! I love the way they are made, and how well they work. Every time I leave home, all 3 of these piece go with us. Overall, I think that when ordered in the same pattern, these pieces make a fantastic collection, and would be great for any Mom to have on hand. Or just order one piece if you’d like. They really are something to look into if you are always chasing binkies and bottles across the ground, or don’t want to carry a bag with you.

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BabyShusher Collection & Sister Chic Review
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