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As most women do, we sometimes find it a struggle to get ready in the mornings. Having a routine that’s simple can help us to start our day out right, and still have a freshly done look until the very end.

Mineral Hygenics has created an amazing line of mineral makeup to help women feel beautiful regardless of skin tone, blemishes, and more. Their mineral foundation can help to make your skin look like porcelain, soft and smooth to the touch.

There is really only ONE word to describe their beauty line: INCREDIBLE!!

In the kit you will get tons of stuff! First of all, you will get 2 foundations that you can blend to get your perfect color match! You will also receive a finishing powder, and either a Warm or Cool Kiss enhancer.

However, incredible on their own, you will also get an XL Kabuki brush, and Flawless Face blending and layering brush, and their Concealer Brush (which I used for the eye shadow simply because I wanted to) . They also include a How-To guide, a Tips & Tricks catalog, and a very pretty, but simple travel bag.

And of course, why not invite your friends to try it out, right?! They have made all of this available at an AMAZING price. If you want to start out with the Full-Monty like I did, it will cost you only $59.99!!!

This is a great deal considering the kit is valued at $150. And I promise, once you try it out, you will agree that this makeup is like none other you have tried.

They also have sample sizes available, along with eye shadows, mascaras, concealers and much more.

Now, why don’t you head on over and see what they have for yourself?

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Mineral Hygenics
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