New year, NO Resolutions- Trying something different this year!

Have you ever made a New Years resolution? I have, and many times I have failed. Why? Why does the desire to change something or do something fade as the year progresses? Why do we give up? For me it has always been that
I became bored with my resolutions, or they didn’t appeal to me like they did when I set them!

This year I have decided that there will be no resolutions! Just me trying to live better for my son.

You may ask me what I mean by this, so I will tell you: I am overweight and unhappy. Constantly in pain and wishing that when I get down in the floor to play with my beautiful little boy that I didn’t want to cry out in agony each time I have to fight to get up. I know that in time he will grow, he will learn to crawl and then walk and then it’ll be off to the races and I wont be able to keep up because of my size and depleting health.

Before I became pregnant I was well under 200 lbs. Since having him, I am still close to my weight just before he was born. Right around 220 lbs. I have never been this big and at only 5′ 4″ the extra weight has taken a toll on me in every way. I know that there are many women out there that have tried to lose weight and simply cannot, or those of you who think “I’ll start a routine tomorrow or next week”. This is how I have been most of my life, each time gaining a few pounds and thinking “it’s not so bad, it’s only 4 or 5 lbs. What difference can that make?” Well, I realized it can make an extreme difference.

For those of you that feel as though you are fighting a losing battle, stay strong, and work with me this year each day to be a better, healthier you!

If you would like to, follow along by liking this post, commenting on it, or just coming back to check up on my progress. I will post a starting picture on the 1st day of the year, and continue to add one each month until I reach my goal weight.

Stay tuned for updates and more!

Good luck ladies and Happy New Years!!!

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