Our 2nd Dreambaby Review 2

As always, Dreambaby never disappoints me when it comes to my little guys’ safety! This time around I got the opportunity to review the amazing safety items listed below and each one is special in its own way.

No Tools, No Screws Safety Kit

This kit is one of my favorites offered by dreambaby because it involves NO TOOLS! What mom can argue with that? I know for me, getting hubby to come home after working all day and doing anything at home is a job all in itself.  Being able to handle things like this on my own helps keep Bubby safe, hubby free from being tasked, and me from being frustrated because I have to ask more than once.

In the kit :

  • 24 Socket covers
  • 1 Multi-purpose latch
  • 1 Adhesive double lock
  • 4 Corner protectors
  • 1 Mini multi-latch
  • 1 Appliance latch
  • 1 Secure-a-lock
  • 1 Fish shaped door stopper
  • 1 Angle lock

I love this kit because it has everything I need to secure my bathroom, lock the drawer in my kitchen that has the knives, protect Bubby’s little fingers from being closed in the door, a latch to keep chemicals out of reach, and still have pieces left to make the rest of our home safe. Each piece is quality made, and works exactly as it should. Be sure to follow ALL of the instructions when installing any of these pieces for maximum safety.

Anti-Slip Bathmats

These anti-slip, color changing, mini bathmats rock!

I love these because they can prevent scalding by changing to a lighter color when the temperature of the water is too hot. They also help to prevent slipping when baby decides it is time to stand up and play.

I know since Bubby has learned to crawl, he has also learned to stand, climb, and yes as all babies do, fall at times. These can help him to stay steady on his tiny feet while we make bathtime a success, every time.


Deluxe Toy Bag

With all of the clutter in my bathroom, this Toy Bag makes it so much easier for me to use the same bathroom as my little one. Every time I go in to take a shower there are always a ton of toys, and nowhere to store them other than in the floor. Personally, no amount of cleaning the bathroom will convince me that the toys my baby puts in his mouth are sanitary after they touch the floor, just saying…

For me it comes down to ensuring he has his space, and I have mine while keeping things neat, tidy, and clean! The only thing I have noticed about this is that if you put too much stuff in it, it WILL fall down into the tub, which is okay, but I would prefer it didn’t. It has only happened once since I put it up, but it can happen if it is weighed down.

Soft-Touch Potty Seat

Potty seats are definitely a necessity when you have small children in the home, and this one is one of my favorites. It doesn’t include the actual potty bowl itself, but this one fits right on the toilet allowing your little one to learn to use the big potty. It offers non-slip cushioning, and helps keep your child on the potty without sliding off or falling in.

I love how soft it is, and how when it was designed there was lots of care in how it looks and feels, and how it fits the toilet perfectly. I know when Bubby starts potty training soon, this will come in very handy as he already likes it and doesn’t mind sitting on it. When it arrived he pulled it into the floor and sat right down.

Motion Sensor LED Night Light

Last, but definitely not least, this very neat little night light. It is motion sensored, and you can mount it to the wall, or sit it on a dresser, counter, or anywhere with a flat surface.

The light is bright enough to provide ample light at night, but soft enough to keep from waking your child up fully. I think this would be perfect either in baby’s room beside the crib for those late night feedings and changing baby’s diaper, or in the bathroom for those middle of the night bathroom runs.

This light takes 3 AA batteries, and has 3 setting; ON, OFF, and AUTO. I really like the fact that it has a motion sensor so if baby or toddler wakes up and moves around they have some light and are not completely in the dark.


Overall, I love dreambaby products, and would highly recommend them to any parent because they simply work! I have not had any issues, and Bubby has yet to learn how to ‘override’ any of the safety products I have installed.

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Dreambaby Products Review #2
  • No Tools, No Screws Safety Kit
  • Anti-Slip Bathmats
  • Deluxe Toy Bag
  • Soft-Touch Potty Seat
  • Motion Sensor LED Night Light

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    Marya Mann

    We actually have the soft touch potty seat and absolutely love it!!!!!!! Way nicer than the plastic ones we have used before. I love the idea of the no slip bath mats.. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something like that. Thank you!!