The Learning Journey Crawl About Peppy Puppy Plush Review

Babies and toddlers will love these cuddly crawling toys. Press the bodies of the Crawl Abouts, and these cute critters and pets will scoot across the floor and play twelve different melodies. These fun toys help development of large motor and tactile skills by encouraging little ones to crawl. Requires two AA batteries (included). Ages 3+ months.

Soft, plush critter

Develops large motor skills

Introduces texture

Electronic movement

Stimulates tactile skills

The Learning Journey Crawl About Peppy Puppy Plush Review
  • The Learning Journey Crawl About Peppy Puppy Plush


This is one of those toys that you can love and hate at the same time! LOL It is a great toy for babies because they become enthralled in most anything that makes noise, moves or lights up. This little puppy is very cute, it had lots of songs, and vibrates which my little guy loves. The only issue I had at all with this toy, was the fact that it does NOT crawl. I am assuming that the vibration is supposed to make it move across the floor, but I have not seen that happen yet. Bubby plays with it every day, since the day it arrived. I like that the vibration box comes out and can be set aside while you wash the stuffed portion of it. I also like that it doesn't take a weird sized battery either, just 2 AA's! Overall, I think this is a great toy for babies, and I would recommend it for babies ages 3 months and up.


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