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The Skeleton in the Closet™ is a special Halloween visitor that awakens each year to monitor your Halloween spirit with their own “tricks” and ‘treats.”  Each night, The Skeleton in the Closet™ sneaks out of the closet to trick-or-treat your family and friends so you know that they’re watching!  In order to see the surprise that you’ve got, you must find them each morning in a new hiding spot.  The Skeleton in the Closet™ rewards good Halloween spirit with all kinds of treats, and when they play tricks it’s all just for fun; they’re just games and they can all be undone.  Enjoy this fun family tradition throughout the entire month of October!

This is an amazing little set that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my family, and now you. We will be starting our own silliness next month, and I already have some amazing ideas in mind to keep thing interesting the whole month long.

We decided on naming him Scully, since he is a skeleton and all. We love the idea behind the book, and creating a new tradition. I had always grown up thinking that Christmas, and Easter, and Thanksgiving were the holidays that deserved all the fame and glory, and now we can start something new and add Halloween into the mix.

There are a ton of things that Scully can do and places he can go, and just like the Christmas elf, ‘Elf on a Shelf’, Scully can join in the fun as well at Halloween and all throughout October! He is 19″ tall, making him almost 2 feet! It would be hard to miss him peeking around a corner, or snuggled up by your pillow. Be sure to check to see if there are goodies close by for you when Scully comes out to play.

One of my favorite things about this whole set is the book and the way the story is laid out. It is really cute, and makes you feel excited to get to celebrate even as a grown up. There is a Certificate of Authenticity page, which you can use to keep track of when you started your tradition, how long your family has been doing it and who actually name your skeleton.

The graphics are simply adorable, and well thought out. I love all of the colors, and the details put into each page, line and word of this book. This is a great set that you can share with others or keep for your own family.

I can’t wait until October to get started tricking and treating my family, how about you??

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The Skeleton in the Closet- A Halloween Tradition Review
  • The Skeleton in the Closet- A Halloween Tradition

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