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Every woman goes through the “what should I eat?”, “how can I stay healthy?”, “what should I do and not do when pregnant?” phase when they see that second line get darker and darker and realize they are baking a bun in their oven!!

Usually, it’s straight to Google, and the searching begins. Well, let me stop you right there! If you made it to this post, this is the ONLY one you will need to read as I will tell you the truth:


I done numerous searches and came up with all of the same suggestions; Eat salads, and veggies, and anything with no flavor, or fat, or sugar…
Well bless your heart if you can go NINE months without having a few slices of pizza, a greasy burger, or some super hot wings, because I know I sure couldn’t!

Pizza IS healthy if you add all those yummy suggested veggies to it. Maybe not as healthy as that bland salad, but when you are waddling across a room, and get a taste for something flavorful have it.

Unless you have major health issues that prevent you from eating any way you want, then you should definitely give up the searching for what’s right and wrong and let those cravings take hold. I would have been miserable if I had taken all the health advice I read online.

Now, I am not saying sit inside of your fridge and just gorge, but I am saying if you want to eat a certain food that your body is telling your brain to have, then by all means, “Git ‘er Done!” Have those french fries, eat those waffles with blueberry syrup and a side of OMELET, or fix that midnight icecream sundae. Honestly, you are only going to be mad later that you didn’t have it. Pregnant women will gain weight, but you can also lose it.

Pregnancy is a time to enjoy your body as it is, and as it was made to be in all of that beautiful baby-belly glory!

So I say eat up, but stay active, rest when you can, and enjoy this time you have before baby comes, because in a few months you will be wishing you had taken this advice and lived it up a little.

Happy Pregnancy Ladies!!


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12 thoughts on “What to eat when you are expecting…

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    Melissa Bernardo

    It is so important to eat healthy when expecting. But, the occasional pizza is never a bad thing :)

  • Reply
    Stephanie Pass

    I ate whatever I could because I spent most of my time sick as a dog. I always lose weight when I’m pregnant.