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I came across this amazing article on the P&G website. I love little things like this that you can do with your children, grandkids, niece and/or nephew, or just something fun to do with your significant other. I try to keep neat little crafts, and activities ready to go so that we have lots to do. If you give this a try, please share your pictures with us on our Facebook page, Bubby’s Mommy on Facebook

Repurposed Coffee Can Birdfeeders

Teach your garden about the birds and the bees with these repurposed coffee can birdfeeders.

Written by: Amanda Palmer, shared from P&G

For outdoor décor that is custom and affordable, try crafting your own birdfeeder by repurposing a coffee can. It’s a simple 7-step process that anyone who can handle a pair of wire cutters can do. Follow the instructions below to get a jumpstart on springing up your lawn!


Metal coffee can
Craft wire
Spray paint
Wire cutters
Scrap screen
Hot glue gun (optional)
Painter’s tape


  1. Drill. Cut a 1- to 2-inch hole in the lid of the coffee can and a second, much smaller hole right below it where the perch will go. While the drill is going, a) make two small holes on either side of the can where the wings will attach and b) two small holes at the head and the base of the can where the hanging wire will go
  2. Paint. Spray paint the can and lid black, or whatever color the base will be. Let dry
  3. Snip. Cut four long pieces of wire, approximately 12-inches long. Loop two wires into a teardrop shape, twisting the bottom together extending 1/2- to 1-inch. At this point, you can add the mesh/screen to span the wires. If you choose to add the screens, hot glue them to the wire. Twist the other two around each other for the hanger
  4. More paint. Make sure the base color is completely dry. Then, using painter’s tape, create a pattern on the can for where stripes or spots will appear and spray paint again
  5. Glue. Attach the wings and perch using the hot glue gun. For best results, bend the twisted end piece of the wings so they hook into the holes. The perch will need to be about 1/3 of the way into the hole to stabilize

Tip: Add any extra pizzazz to it, like eyes, tiny wire legs or antennae. Anything you use will need to be weather-friendly and hot-glued to the feeder. Get creative!

Adding Feed
Fill up the feeder, hang on a branch, and watch the birds flock to the best-looking feeder on the block

Tip: Love repurposing old indoor materials into beautiful garden crafts? Turn an old shower caddy into a hanging garden, or use old silverware for a creative wind chime with our instructions.

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    Danielle G

    This is so cute! very easy to do an afternoon project like this with the kids.

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