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I was already a huge fan of dreambaby before getting the chance to do this review for them, and now that I have had the chance to try a few more of their products, I am extremely pleased. I have always bought their products when I can find them, and love that they are so well made. It seems like there is a lot of thought put into the items they create, make and provide to moms like me, everywhere.

For this review, they sent me 2 packs of Corner Cushions, 2 packs of Multi-use Latches, 2 packs of Knob Covers, and 1 Alligator Room & Bath thermometer.

The first item I opened was the corner covers.

My son has just learned to crawl and thinks that he needs to now attempt climbing and pulling himself up onto things, therefore falling periodically onto sharp and not so pleasant objects.
These cushions are extremely soft, and fit on both tables, and my entertainment stands corners perfectly. To apply them, you select the sticky tape cut for the section in which you are applying, match them up and stick them on! That’s it, and the adhesive is very strong. They hold really well, and are really soft and squishy, so if he does fall, it wont be as bad as if the corners were not covered. These make me feel a lot safer now that Bubby is moving around and becoming adventurous.



Next I opened the knob covers.

Even though Bubby cannot reach the door knobs just yet, it is still a good idea to start using them now, I think, because my husband and I both need to get used to having things like that in our home.
These are made very well. they attach easily, and stay put. They have a little end that you can remove if it is being used on a door with a lock, and you can leave it on if not. They do not look horrible, or out of place either, they sort of blend with any color scheme, and add the protection that I want to be able to provide for my son to not wander off and get lost or worse!



After putting the knobs on, I opened the multi-use latches.

These are nice because you can use them on just about anything. I put one on my refrigerator, and the other on the toilet in my sons bathroom.  They are made really well. So well that I almost couldn’t get into them! But I figured them out and they are amazing! I love that they are so versatile, and can be used anywhere. I think if I had a few more, they would be my top choice for cabinet locks.

They are stretchy, so this makes keeping things closed tightly a lot easier. With some of the cabinet locks I have come across, there is still enough room for a small child to squeeze their hand inside and grab something dangerous. With this option, I think I could feel much better about what is underneath my cabinets.



Finally, I opened up Mr. Alligator just in time for Bubby’s bath. Oh my, Bubby loved him!

When I put it in the tub (before putting my son in) it came on and had a blinking light just above the thermometer screen. It blinked green until the water got too warm, and then it blinked red to let me know that the water was too hot for him, allowing me to cool it back down again. This is a great little bathtime addition to have, and can help avoid scalding your little ones.

After getting the water right, I then put Bubby in the tub. He loved it, and was able to hold onto it unlike some of the toys he grabs. It is soft enough for him to chew on the tail or nose (I wouldn’t really recommend it, but I don’t think it hurts it any) but durable enough to with =stand the tub temperatures, and being submerged. It seems to be made REALLY well.

Overall, I think this company has some great products to offer a parent looking to make their home safer. These are just a few of the items they offer.
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Dreambaby Safety Products

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    My son is almost two and I have been trying to do everything to keep him safe and comfortable. He has just figured out how to push something over to the door to open it. Thats scary! I really lov e the thermometer also! Very cute! I’m definitely gonna be purchasing all of this stuff! Thanks for the great find!