ecoAble Nightfitted Cloth Diapers

Since becoming a cloth diapering mom, the only time I have had any issues with ANY of our CD’s is at night. My son pees a lot while he is asleep, so I have to go in and change him multiple times throughout the night and wake him up. This can be a pain because once he is awake some nights, going back to sleep is the last thing on his mind!

Getting him back to bed is a task all in itself! These diapers are unlike any other as they are made specifically for night time use. They are soft inside and out, they have extra layers for more absorption and protection, and fit great. The material used is a blend of bamboo and cotton, and both on there own are incredibly soft, but blended? Now that’s a whole new kind of comfort for baby.

My only issue with them was that unlike other cloth diapers, there seems to be no waterproof barrier inside of them, but that has not really been an issue. It is recommended to buy a diaper cover, but we haven’t because like most cloth diapers, they are bulky to begin with. There have only been a few times they have leaked through, but I am down to 2 changing’s a night instead of 5! Even on my son’s wettest night, there was only very minimal leaking. I am very impressed with this brand and will be getting a few more for bedtime.

One recommendation I do have, wash them a few times before using them to help them be as absorbent as possible. I would actually say this about most CD liners as well. For some reason, this helps them to do there job a lot of efficiently. BUT, I will also offer this, do NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets as this ca make them not absorb the way they should.

Overall, these are a wonderful option for any baby during the night. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are still looking for that perfect beddie-by option!!

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EcoAble Review
  • EcoAble Nightfitted Cloth Diapers

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