Family Movie Night 9


Weekly, monthly, or even just on a rainy night, bring the family together with this fun idea.

Plan for a dinner, a movie, and even games like charades, Monopoly, or any other game that your family enjoys playing together! Use the printables below to help let your family know when you have planned for and to make it more exciting, having a ticket and movie popcorn is always more appealing. Enjoy!!!

Try out these cool printables:
Customizable Movie Tickets
Customizable Game Tickets
Popcorn Bucket Sleeves


To make family night more fun, check out these great board games below:



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9 thoughts on “Family Movie Night

  • Reply

    I grew up having family game night with my parents :). When I had children we did the same tradition and it was great. I still participate with my grand children whenever possible.

  • Reply
    denise low

    We try to have family night at least once a week. We watch movies or play board games. Lots of fun.

  • Reply
    Lisa Weeks

    Aww this looks like so much fun my daughter isnt old enough to do more than loose the pieces. But when she is yhese are wonderful printouts i may have to save them!!

  • Reply

    My son is really into board games right now, especially Monopoly. So we have family time every night playing board games.

  • Reply

    I believe in family game night as well as movie night because families dont connect anymore they are all wired in with devices and busy doing their own things.

  • Reply
    Alison Gibb

    When my son was little, Saturday night was game night. We always made popcorn and it was fun!!

  • Reply

    Family game night can be fun in my house as along as the children do not fighting over who won or what game to play!!!

  • Reply
    Minta Boggs

    I love having family game night with the kids getting older it is getting harder and harder to find time together as a family!