Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag Review 6

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag Review
  • The Classic Tote in London
  • The Tag-A-Long Tote in SoHo

As a mother, a wife, and a woman on the go, it is important to me to look my best while being totally functional, and having everything I need on hand at ALL times. Timi &Leslie have made that possible by creating these amazing tote that are both roomy and stylish at the same time. Moms everywhere can now leave home feeling chic and sexy with one of these incredible bags.

The first bag I would like to talk about is the Classic Tote. This one comes in 3 shades; London, SoHo, and Serengeti. They are all equally beautiful and are made to match any style or personality.

I received the Classic Tote in London. Of the 2 I am reviewing, this one is my favorite because of the simplicity, the color, and the way it looks overall.

Both bags come with so many options for comfort! They have the traditional handles, a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and 2 stroller straps so that you can easily hook it on and go. It also comes with a very nice changing pad, that even has a convenient pocket, as well as a fold out flap for older babies that may need a little more room.

Outside of the Classic Tote, there is a small front pocket with a magnetic clip to help keep your things secure, 2 end pockets for sippy cups, bottles, toys, a phone, the possibilities are endless. On the backside of the tote, there is a large zippered pocket. All the metal has a gunmetal finish (it looks like a polished black metal), and all of the metal is heavy duty, none of that cheap, lightweight stuff that will break after a few uses.

Also, inside both the Classic and the Tag-A-Long, the bags feature 6 large, roomy pockets, and a small zipper compartment on one side. They also have a ton of space in the center of the bag to store all of those things you didn’t stick in one of the various pockets.

The Tag-A-Long Tote is slightly different, but still just as amazing as the Classic. This one I got in SoHo, and it has many of the same features. As I said, the inside of the bags are exactly the same, as well as the carrying options. The difference is this; the Tag-A-Long Tote has 4 larger pockets on the exterior, and a large zipper compartment. This one is better for me when we are going to have a little longer day away from home because I can pack just a bit more than normal. I love that the bags both have so much in common, but the subtle differences are very nice.

The Tag-A-Long Tote has a brass finish, which makes the black look even better! I love the details on both of these amazing bags, the time and effort put into creating them, and the end product, which I am just in LOVE with! You can get the Tag-A-Long Tote in either SoHo or Serengeti. Both colors look fabulous.

Some may think the bags a re a little expensive, but think about it, if you spend a little more on a much better bag, you will not have to replace it. These bags are built to last, and I know that they will both still be in impeccable condition when our next baby rolls around.

They are made of nylon material, which is super easy to clean, and all of the piping is done with a faux vegan leather. What that means is that it was made using cruelty-free methods because it is an artificial leather that is pliable and breathable. So like leather, but no animals had to die in the making of this product. We think that’s great!!

Overall, I could not be more pleased with these bags. I love them both, and am looking forward to the many years I will be able to use them since Bubby isn’t even a year old. If you haven’t checked them out, swing on over to ShopTimiAndLeslie.com and see what amazing bag they have for you!!

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**This product was received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced.

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    Wow can i just say i love mine it is so spacious and doesn’t appear to be big also its very well made you can feel it at first touch!! Im in love with my timi&leslie!! Thank you

  • Reply
    Alison Gibb

    I think Timi-Leslie make the most beautiful diaper bags. They have made great strides in diaper bags!!

  • Reply

    This bag looks great! It is stylish and roomy. I love the strap options to wear it over your shoulder and can even attach to the stroller.

  • Reply
    Gabby Anderson

    Bag looks very sturdy and is very nice I could definitely use it as a diaper bad and my own personal bag.

  • Reply
    Rachel Fuller

    Totally cute and looks so versatile!! Wish I could have another baby to get one for myslef!