Food planning for kids who play sports


If your child is actively playing sports, you might want to prepare them a proper meal before and after a game. A young child’s diet cannot be taken for granted. Children, no matter how strong they are, due to their young age, they will struggle to develop their game if they get tired easily during practice without the proper dietary requirements.

For kids to be able to perform to their optimum level, they should have a diet consisting of food that’s rich in carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins. During practice, we all know athletes need energy and this is mostly found in carbohydrates. A good carbohydrate intake can be set out in various small portions throughout the day instead of just 3 regular meals. Snacking throughout the day will enable children to properly replenish the energy stored in their muscles after playing. Bread, healthy muesli bars, and fruits are just some of the food items that are rich in carbs but low in fat.

What to eat before a match:

Apart from food that’s rich in carbohydrates, kids should have a small amount of glucose in their system, combined with vegetables. So fish and vegetables are the ideal types of food before a match. Allow them to eat at least a couple of hours before a match and never right before a game.

What to eat after a game:

Kids need to repair their muscles and regain their strength after playing. After the game, you should give them food that has carbohydrates and glucose content such as pasta. Cook for them as soon as you can after the match because their muscles will be extremely exhausted, and may sustain damage if they aren’t repaired quickly by significant food intake.

In the U.S., kids can play freely and fully enjoy the benefits of being free citizens but it isn’t like that everywhere in the world. In other countries, especially those that are troubled by war, kids don’t even receive three proper meals a day, let alone have the luxury of customizing their diet so they can enjoy sports. Parents in countries free from war should always be thankful that they don’t need to rely on charities operating in oppressed areas just to be able to keep their kids healthy and happy. So, with groceries readily available to most Western families, make sure that your children receive a balance diet so that they can perform at school and sports to the best possible level at all times.


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