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Any babywearing mom will tell you that no 2 wraps, carriers, or slings are the same. Each one serves a different need and finding the perfect one for you and your little one can sometimes be a challenge.

Luckily, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Wrapy, and get tell you all about their awesome stretchy wrap. For me, being a larger woman, it is hard to find a wrap or carrier I am truly in love with because most either do not have enough material, or are just too tight for me and baby.


What Wrapy brings to the table is this:

Extra Comfortable – This wrap contains 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, feeling comfy on the go is super easy for you and your little one!
One Size Fits All – If you are like me and have a few extra pounds, don’t sweat it! Wrapy is very stretchy and made to fit most any body style with baby’s comfort and yours in mind.
Close To Your Heart and Hands Free – Have you ever tried doing the dishes, or any other household task while holding your baby in one arm? Yeah, me too, and it was a huge fail. Wrapy can help make keeping your sweetie close to you, while giving you the freedom to move as you need to!
Machine Washable, Dryer Safe – The material can withstand dozens of washes and can even be thrown right into the dryer. So far, we have had the pleasure of using it over and over, and it cleans up great with no damage to the wrap!
Wide Piece Of Fabric – The material seems extra wide, and makes it so much easier for me to feel confident about having my little guy in it. With some, I have worried he didn’t have the best support, but with this one, I know he is snug and safe every time it goes on and he goes in it.

Personally, we love everything about the Wrapy wrap and couldn’t be any happier. Even as I lose weight, this wrap can accommodate my babywearing needs. I love how soft the fabric is, and the way Bubby is able to sit in it comfortably, while being 100% safe and close to me. From newborn to toddler, this wrap is perfect. If you are considering buying a wrap, I would definitely suggest trying out this one, and let us know if you love it just as much!!

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