IDO3D 3D Drawing Pen

With the IDO3D pen and Guidebook you can draw upward and build structures. With your creative mind, you can mix colors and master layers to build a beautiful, long lasting 3D creation. Make sure your IDO3D spotlight has fresh batteries. (Note: The light may appear to be working, when the batteries are in fact weak.) The spotlight should be held as close to your project as possible (about .5 inches). You can also cure your pieces from the bottom of the plastic tracing sheet by holding your light directly under your artwork. This is helpful for thicker lines and larger areas of ink. ; The tip of the pen can be adjusted to create thick or thinner lines. Trace small sections of your project pieces and then quickly hit it with the light. You do not need it to fully cure; a couple of seconds will prevent the ink from spreading and allow you to achieve finer detail. Repeat this process until you are finished with your project piece. We have found that alcohol based hand sanitizers help to easily remove any sticky residue left behind by the ink. You can place your plastic tracing sheet in the sun to cure any unwanted ink. (You can also place your art in a windowsill and use to sun to help finish curing your projects.)

More Details about this product:

  • Included in this package-
    • 4 Pens
    • 1 Drawing Sheet
    • 1 Set of Instructions
    • 1 How-To Sheet
    • 1 Curing Light

Available at

Price: $9.99 – $80.99

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