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Use this step-by-step guide to identify a specific problem and then define a character-based solution. Follow five steps to craft a parenting plan tailored to your child’s unique gifts and needs.

When parents have defined plans, they move forward with more confidence, see changes more quickly, and experience hope as they grow in their relationship with their child.

This book is the practical guide you’ve been looking for and puts into practice the heart-based approach the National Center for Biblical Parenting is known for.

This book contains 12 audio teaching sessions from the authors and can be used alongside the book Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told.



I have read the Action Plan, and I must say, I cannot be more impressed with the advice and support that Turansky and Miller have to offer. Not only do they empower you with the appropriate tools and strategies to make changes needed in your family, they help you do it in a Christian way with NO screaming and as much or as little punishment as needed. But appropriate punishment (not beating them into submission).

Also with the book, you will also receive (12) 30-minute audio segments to help you use the book more efficiently, and to reinforce what you have already learned. This is a great resource to have on hand whether you have 1 child or 10. Maybe you have no kids, and would like to read it anyway.

This book is great and has tons of information, and suggestions. I love that it has space for you to take notes, keep ‘diary’ entries, and work together with your child (and then keep track of your time together) to help improve their attitude and behavior for the positive. I also like that it teaches motivation from within. This is a great way for kids to understand their worth, and WANT to do the things needed to succeed.  I will definitely keep it on hand, and hopefully I can help my son to become a productive, caring, honest member of society. I would recommend this to ANY parent, new or not.


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    Rachel Fuller

    This looks like an amazing product. Great review on this.

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    Great review. This looks like a valuable resource for any parent. Thanks for sharing.