What is wrong with our youth! 1

Okay RANT time:

As someone that grew up learning about American history as a mandatory part of my curriculum, this video kind of makes me angry. Actually it really makes me more than angry, it down right pisses me off. When asked about the Revolutionary, Civil and World wars these young people had no clue the answers to this mans questions. Their answers are extremely shocking and it makes me sad to know that it is not more important to our younger generations.

My Great Granddad fought in World War I, and with the knowledge of all the great men in history that fought and died for the rights people have today, I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that knowing where they came from or how they got to where they are today simply does not matter to them, rather, catching a tan, being more than half naked on the beach, and just ‘having fun’ is MORE important. How do they think that they got the freedom to do those things?

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One thought on “What is wrong with our youth!

  • Crystal Wall

    I agree! What are they teaching kids these days? How to hook up their xbox live? Kids know nothing about history. Here in WV we have Nancy Hearts grave and people have no clue who she is. She was a confederate spy! I agree with you. RANT TIME!

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