DIY: Microwave Hacks 3

Who would have ever guessed there were so many uses for something that you buy to warm up your food? We ahve all done it, tried to find an easier may to do something. After watching this video on YouTube I absolutely had to share this! From steaming corn to sterilizing a sponge this guy has it all figured out. I know that there are a few of these I intend to try out, and one or two that I have already used prior to finding this awesome video.

If you have a household hack, share below and you might see it as a featured post!

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Microwave Hacks

  • Becca davis

    I learned to live off of a microwave in 2008 after my stove went out and I couldn’t afford to replace it for a few months. You’d be amazed!

  • Aimee Trader

    Love the bacon one!! I never knew you could throw it in the microwave. It seems a lot healthier too

  • Gladys Aguilar

    The bacon one was so cool. Its better than pan frying them. We already knew/do the sponge sterilization

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