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This charming caterpillar rattle from Zubels is perfect for newborns and toddlers alike. At 6.5″ long it’s a great addition to an eco-friendly plush collection – and the soft, tinkling rattle inside makes it a sweet gift for babies too. This caterpillar is 100% hand-knitted and not mass produced by Peruvian artisans, and were paid a living wage under Fair Trade practices.

They are made of 100% organic cotton yarn and eco-friendly dyes. Zubels uses low-impact dyes.

They don’t contain toxic chemicals or mordants (used to help set the dye). They have a high absorption rate (which leads to less water needed during dyeing).

They use low temperatures during dyeing (which saves energy). Zubels has minimal packaging. By not packaging the product with excessive and needless packaging there is less waste of resources and less waste for the landfill.

Zubels Hand-knitted Caterpillar Review
  • Zubels Hand-knitted Caterpillar

My Review

I am 100% thoroughly impressed with this little guy right here! We received this about 2 weeks ago, and when it came, I thought it would be like every other toy, and rattle that my son owns, boy was I wrong! What I love most is the detail out into creating it. This caterpillar is handmade, and you can really tell there was a lot of attention to detail when it was made. It is soft, and flexible, while being one of the most durable and cuddly stuffed babies my little guy owns. He carries it around out living room like an additional limb, lol. It has one rattle in the middle of its body, and makes enough noise to keep Bubby occupied for a while. The stitching and knitting are incredibly tight, and the colors chosen were perfect. It is super cute!! I also love that they are made with nontoxic, organic material. I am hoping to get some more of these for Christmas for my baby. These would make an incredible gift for anyone with little ones. My son is teething and everything becomes a chew toy. This is hold up to the task better than I would have ever guessed. It really is one of the nicest toys he owns. Overall, I am extremely happy with this Zubels rattle and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy something cute, cuddly, and made to last.

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**This product was received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced.

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    Ooo i love this company!!! Im definatly getting my Little girl something from this shop

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    Danielle G

    This looks so great! I love the minimal packaging and the detail that goes into it. My son would love this too.