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2011-08-25_mimijumi_Baby_001mimijumi, LLC based in Nashville, TN is a design driven company that specializes in simple, safe and natural products for the modern family. Through the design and production of infant care essentials, mimijumi products are made for both baby and parent to create the most natural experience possible.

This design is based on the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects. The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but breastfeeding is not always practical in today’s society. Created with input from Designers, Mothers, Nurses, Physicians, and Lactation Experts, mimijumi’s first product the Very Hungry bottle was conceived as a natural, modern and stylish complement to breastfeeding. 2009-11-12_mimijumi_VH_003

Here, you can find out who we are, what gets us out of bed in the morning, how we make our products and what we are excited about… To read more about mimijumi please click here: mimijumi

The mimjumi vision

mimijumi specializes in the design and production of infant care products. mimijumi was founded in January 2008 by two psychiatrists and an industrial designer with the goal of creating new products that will revolutionize the parenting process.

Every detail on a mimijumi product is considered and crafted with high attention to detail resulting in the best quality possible. This thinking and the craftsmanship required to create our products are part of the mimijumi DNA that includes the design and engineering process, all printed collateral, manufacturing of the tools all the way to the final product on the shelf.

2012-01-21_mimijumi_NSH-Side-Milkmimijumi takes the consideration and craft of analog design processes and translates these into the digital world. By that, mimijumi creates its very own visual appearance that looks shockingly quiet yet refined. All this effort is spent to attract customers that are willing to see more than a couple colored surfaces, customers that won’t believe the common flattened, low resolution design standard available on the market. Instead, these customers will understand the quality and craft of the purchased product.


If you would like to learn more about these fantastic products or you would like to make a purchase, you can check out these awesome bottles below.

Very Hungry
Very Hungry Bottle
Not So Hungry
Not So Hungry Bottle
Replacement Nipples
Replacement Nipples
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The mimijumi Bottle Review
  • The mimijumi Bottle Review


Let me start by saying this, I have searched for months for a bottle that closely resembled the breast for one reason, my son is exclusively breastfed, and he absolutely REFUSES to take a bottle. We have several different kinds of bottles, several kinds of pacifiers, and none of them seem to be good enough for him. I got a thought a few months ago that if I could find a bottle that looked and felt like mommy's skin that maybe he would take that. I searched and searched using google, yahoo, and bing and to no avail- NOTHING!
One day while posting for my blog page on Facebook I came across an ad- THIS was what I had been searching for! Why had I not found this previously? Well, I contacted the company and requested a product in exchange for an unbiased review on my blog, and they agreed.
I received this bottle in the mail and was extremely excited as I thought this could be the answer I have been looking for.
Please do not get me wrong, I love the bond that I have with my son from BF, but I need a little me time instead of having to do feedings every hour on the hour and it would be nice for my husband to be able to participate as well.

I received the Not-So-Hungry Bottle from mimijumi. My first impressions when opening the box, other than the extreme excitement I felt, was that it was packaged very nicely. Inside of the box it included 1 Not-So-Hungry Bottle with a non-slip bottom, 1 cap, 1 nipple, and a guide for safety and product information.


The bottle is nice and thick, so if dropped it doesn't feel like it will break easily, the nipple is soft and when you feel it, it really does feel like the real thing. The bottom of the bottle has a nonslip padding so that it wont just slide off of a table or highchair.

After inspecting the bottle, and reading the information sheet, I washed the bottle and made my little guy some formula, keep in mind he is exclusively BF and has only had formula a few times.
At first he wanted nothing to do with it, as it tasted nothing like his normal banquet. I then decided to try a little juice...
This did the trick, he not only drank the juice from the BOTTLE, but he took the bottle from me!! Haha...

The look of confusion...




That aha moment when he decided this wasn't so bad...


Ummm, tasty...


Okay, MINE! Lemme hold it myself now!


Personally, this bottle may just be my saving grace. I know it will not be an immediate answer to ALL of my problems, but I honestly believe this bottle will help to give me a little more freedom.
Overall, I feel like this is a quality made product, that it is advertised appropriately, and that it is exactly what was portrayed on the website. I would highly recommend this bottle to any mom that has been exclusively breastfeeding and would like to make some changes to their routine, as well as to ANY mom! The quality alone, and the resemblance to the real thing is uncanny. Great product mimijumi!!


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