Vaccinations: Yes or No for Your Children? 6

VacinneWith all of the controversy on this topic, and with all of the recent outbreaks in children over the past few months, I wanted to ask my readers: What is your stance on vaccines? Personally, I chose to vaccinate because I feel that it can help my child if he were to be exposed to a child carrying a life threatening virus.

I recently done a lot of reading on the subject of vaccines and found that this is one of those topics that can get a little hinky when discussed among parents because everyone has different views.

According to the CDC there is a schedule that should be strictly followed from birth on up, yet some doctors and/or parents see it differently. In other countries, vaccines are ban until after 12 months or 24 months depending on the country. How do you feel about vaccinating? Did you have your children vaccinated at birth? Later? Or not at all?


CowpoxDr. Edward Jenner is the reason we have vaccines today. He worked on a vaccine to prevent smallpox, and when he developed this vaccine it was effective in preventing smallpox out breaks. You can read more about Edward Jenner by clicking Here Jonas Salk


Also, when the polio vaccine was invented by Dr. Jonas Salk and upon its invention, he did not patent it. He felt that vaccinations were “products of nature” instead of a man-made invention. You can read more about Jonas Salk by clicking Here


My personal opinion is that all things come with a risk, and when vaccinating a child you should consider all of the pros and cons as well as their age, any family history of illness or developmental delays or deformities. All of this should be addressed with your child’s pediatrician, and you should make the decision as an informed parent and not one that is just going off of what other parents say or what the doctors say.

It has become very hard to trust Big Pharma these days, but some of these vaccines could potentially save your child’s life while others may not be as effective as thought. So now, comment below and share your opinions on this topic. Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views so please keep your comments civil and do not attack others for their stance on this subject.


For more information on vaccines and suggestions you can check out these pages and charts below:

Vaccine Recommendations: WHO Vaccination Recommendations vs CDC Vaccination Recommendations




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6 thoughts on “Vaccinations: Yes or No for Your Children?

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    This was a great post! It’s nice to read something that’s not judgmental to one side or the other.

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    Brandi Hayden

    This is a hard decision for me since my son passed away from complications with the H1N1 seven years ago. I’m just glad that I don’t have to make a decision about this right now. I’m not planning on having anymore children after what I went through. But everyone should be very cautious and do some research before make a rash decision.

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      Bubby's Mommy Post author

      First of all, let me say that I am so sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine how hard that was for you. Second let me say this, all vaccinations should be researched before making that decision. It scares me every time we go to the doctor to do check ups and get vaccines. I watch him so closely, and my husband tells me not to worry so much, but how can you not worry with everything that is being reported these days about the problems with both vaccinating and not vaccinating! Caution is best when it comes to these things.

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    Rachel Fuller

    My son is up-to-date on vaccines. The only one none of our family gets is the flu shot and that is just for personal reasons. The rest, for sure!

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    Rotties Reviews

    My “kids” are all grown adults. I did all the vaccinations that were available in the mid 80’s and early 90’s but to be honest there weren’t as many as there are now. I think the newest one was the chicken pox shot. None of my children had any reactions. I do see a rise in autism but I’m not sure if it’s directly related to the increase in vaccinations or just the environment and pollutions in general. I think if I was having kids now, I would do my research but probably would still do the shots.