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BabyShusher & Sister Chic Review

All parents want to have peace in their homes, and be organized when out and about. These 2 companies have come up with unique ways to do BOTH of those things. Be sure to read my full review of these amazing products by clicking HERE


timi & leslie Review

Being on the go all the time can be strenuous when you have to carry multiple bags, or make numerous trips to the car to get what you need. timi & leslie have come up with some amazing bags to help you make it all in ONE trip!! These 2 bags are amazing and can be used by ANY mom. Be sure to check out the full review HERE


Camo Chique Review

Every mom wants to relax, as well as find great deals and products for their little ones. Camo Chique makes that possible. Be sure to read my full review of these amazing Camo Chique products by clicking HERE


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This week you will get 2 chancesto win one of these awasome shirts from Undercover Mama

Undercover Mama Giveaway hosted by Bubbys Mommy


Undercover Mama Giveaway hosted by Mom Talk Reviews

Whims of Wanderlust Giveaway hosted by MomJunky

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Bio Seaweed Gel Giveaway hosted by StylishMomme

Bioseaweed Gel Polish Giveaway

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I'm Just not ready yet...


New page coming soon

As my readers, your opinion is very important to me! We are working hard to create a pregnancy page for you guys that will have week by week pregnancy videos, pregnancy info, and lots of other goodies!! I am so excited to be adding this to my site, but I would like to know what YOU think about it. Let me know by leaving a comment about whether or not you would visit our pregnancy page, what you would like to see there, and anything else you want to share.

Here is a preview of what the videos will be like:

*Videos & health information will be provided by Consumer Health Digest

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